The gnossienne

Thinking the heart; feeling the mind

The gnossienne views life through a philosophical lens and feels life through a threadbare skin. Then arms herself with alphabet in hand.

This blog is about strings of thought that stitch together the mind of a writer as she engages with narratives in film, art, literature and culture.

Narratives seem to make the world spin on its axis. Narratives we blindly accept, narratives we reject, narratives that imprison us, narratives that liberate us, narratives we have made our own. Because without narratives, are we human?

The gnossienne believes narratives should be unravelled so that some kind of gnosis can occur.

The word gnossienne is taken from the French composer Erik Satie’s late 19th Century piano compositions. The image is Head Of A Girl by Alphonse Mucha, 1900.

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